Adult Invisalign

Adult Invisalign® in Frederick, MD

Led by board-certified orthodontist Dr. Lobat Zainali, and located conveniently in Frederick, MD, Zainali Orthodontics provides adult Invisalign® treatment for residents of Frederick, Urbana, Middletown, Hagerstown and surrounding areas in Maryland.

What is Adult Invisalign®?

Adult Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment for adults who want to align their teeth without any visible signs of braces. Invisalign® offers an alternative to metal or ceramic braces and utilizes a series of clear plastic aligners, custom-made for each patient, that resemble clear plastic night guards. Over time, these aligners slowly move teeth into the correct position. Invisalign® may also be used in place of retainers by individuals who have completed conventional orthodontic treatment to help maintain optimal results.

What are the advantages of Adult Invisalign® over braces?

Adult Invisalign® offers patients a greater convenience and ease of use while providing nearly invisible correction. Invisalign® is ideal for busy professionals who are concerned about their appearance and don’t want the inconvenience of braces. Because Adult Invisalign® aligners are removable, wearers are free to enjoy all the foods they love, as well as keeping teeth cleaned and flossed during treatment with little fuss. Adult Invisalign® aligners are easily cleaned by rinsing with soap and water. 

How does Adult Invisalign® straighten or align teeth?

The Adult Invisalign® aligners are replaced every week, and each new aligner adjusts your teeth one step closer to their desired position, gradually shifting your smile into proper alignment.

Who is the ideal candidate for Adult Invisalign®?

Although Invisalign® is suitable for most adult patients, it may not be the best treatment option for everyone. Particularly in the case of adults, Invisalign® may not apply enough force or pressure to achieve a successful alignment in some patients, and regular braces may be recommended for those patients in order to complete treatment.

How long does Adult Invisalign® treatment last?

For most adults, treatment with Adult Invisalign® takes anywhere between six to eighteen months depending on the complexity of the malocclusion. This is typically a bit shorter than treatment with traditional braces.

Is Adult Invisalign® treatment uncomfortable?

Treatment with Adult Invisalign® may produce mild soreness in the jaw and gums during the first day after each initial aligner fitting, but normally, this treatment is more comfortable than wearing conventional metal or ceramic braces.

How can I learn more about Adult Invisalign®?

Adults in Frederick, Urbana, Middletown, Hagerstown, and neighboring areas in Maryland who want to straighten their teeth with Adult Invisalign® should contact Zainali Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to see if Adult Invisalign® treatment is right for you.