Free Consultation

Have you been told that you or your child needs orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign®? Has a dentist recommended that you or your child receive an orthodontic examination?

Dr. Zainali and her team will be glad to schedule a complimentary evaluation for you or your child. There is no obligation to become a patient after this free consultation. We realize that each patient’s orthodontic needs are different. Dr. Zainali strives to provide the highest quality, personalized care.

During the extensive complimentary orthodontic appointment:

  • Dr. Zainali will review you or your child’s medical and dental history and thoroughly examine both bite and facial structures.

  • If treatment is needed at the time, Dr. Zainali will discuss a tentative treatment plan as well as any alternative options with you.

  • Dr. Zainali will discuss what types of braces or appliances or ideal for you or your child, such as conventional metal braces, clear porcelain braces, Invisalign® Teen or Invisalign for adults.

  • Dr. Zainali will tell you if any baby or permanent teeth need to be removed for treatment, or that treatment can be done without removing any teeth (This is the more probable scenario as many orthodontic treatments can be accomplished without extraction of any permanent teeth).

  • We will complete set of orthodontic diagnostic records, including X-rays, photographs and molds. This will help Dr. Zainali formulate a personalized treatment plan for you or your child.

  • Dr. Zainali’s office will discuss all fees and payment options with you as well as your insurance benefits.

  • After braces are placed, we will schedule examination and adjustment appointments every 4-8 weeks.

Please remember to schedule annual dental check-ups during orthodontic treatment. Dr. Zainali is committed to helping you and your child obtain a healthy, beautiful smile. Please contact the office today at 301-682-4343 for a free evaluation and recommendation.